Fort Hare Institute of Technology (FHIT)

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The Fort Hare Institute of Technology (FHIT) was established in accordance with the University of Fort Hare (UFH) institutional strategic plan, UFH-SP2000 for restructuring and development of new academic programmes including the rationalization and integration of Institutes and Centers.

SP2000 has already produced significant achievements on which the Fort Hare Institutional Operating Plan (IOP) builds.

Motivated by the rare and distinguished honour of being awarded the Supreme Order of Baobab (Gold Class) by the State President Thabo Mbeki on 26 April 2005, UFH is determined to produce the next generation of leaders, not only in politics, education and religion, but also in science, technology and engineering.

FHIT, linked to the Faculty of Science and Agriculture, was established particularly to promote innovation and excellence in identified focus areas and produce applied scientists with the necessary skills required to participate and compete in the global economic market.

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