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1965 Vol 1



J J Ross                                                                                                             

by D Pont                                                                                                                 7

Recent Developments of Criminal Law
by J B Thom                                                                                                            9

Vubelo v. Ndaliso - High Court of Fort Hare, case no. 2 of 1965"
by F A de Villiers                                                                                                 19

Some Remarks on the Legitimation of Adulterine Children"
by W F Mthembu                                                                                                   25


Why I decided to study law
by M Kelembe                                                                                                      31

The Transkei Constitution - A General Survey"
by Duke M Makoba                                                                                            32

by S M Tembeni                                                                                                35

Roman Slaves - Res?"
by P S Mngomezulu                                                                                           37

On Onus of Proof and period of Gestation"
by W M Mhlambi                                                                                               39

Comments on Cases

S v. Lebone, 1965 (2) S.A. 836 (A): Cross-examination of accused
as to contents of confession

by M Matanzima                                                                                                  41

Leach v. Secretary of Justice Transkeian Government, 1965 (2)
S.A. 1 (E)
by B S Koyana                                                                                                       43

S v. Harris, 1965 (2) S.A. 340 (A): Quaere
by C G Mdluli                                                                                                      45

Blood tests and disputed paternity"
by M Ganda                                                                                                            46


1966 Vol 2



Professor D. Pont:  A Tribute
J B Thom, M Kelembe and F A de Villiers                                                  

Publications by Professor Pont
by D Pont                                                                                                                 8

Power in the Late Roman Empire
by M T W Arnheim                                                                                                10

Some Reflections on the Bantu Courts: Present and Future"
by G Seymour Wood                                                                                            17

The Doctrine of "Undue Influence"
by S M Tembeni                                                                                                   24


On Culpable Homicide and "Versari"
by B S Koyana                                                                                                     31

"Cancelled" across a Will"
by T L Matandela                                                                                              35

May the "Other Person" sign with his mark?"
by K Maja                                                                                                           38

Comments on Cases

S v. Outram, 1966 (3) S.A. 501 (T) and Negligence
by V E D Zimu                                                                                                     42

S v. Ndewanana, 1966 (3) S.A. 312 (E)"
by Duke M Makoba                                                                                              46

Letters Received                                                                                                 49


1967 Vol 3



Compersation for expropriation in Pubic International Law
J Labuschagne                                                                                                 

Van Vollenhoven: 'n terugblik
by R verLoren van Themaat                                                                               16

Law of Procedure: a new approach
by P van der Bank                                                                                                24

Public Lecture
The ethics of the profession"
by J W Smalberger                                                                                               46

The role of the registrar if the Supreme Court"
by W P van Rheede van Oudtshoorn                                                                52


Dionysius Godefridus van der Keesael (1738 - 1816)
by P N Guzana                                                                                                     57

Sole surviving grandparent as intestate heir"
by F A de Villiers                                                                                                60


R v. Maruberera, 1968 (1) S.A. 206 (R)
by W de Haan                                                                                                        68

Eaton and Louw v. Arcade Poperties (Pty) Ltd."
by S M Tembeni                                                                                                    71

Quotes from cases"                                                                                              73


Law symposium"
by G S Wood                                                                                                          76

Refresher course"
by P van der Bank                                                                                                 78

Juridical society"
by S M Tembeni                                                                                                    79


1968 Vol 4



Terdoodbrenging as straf - 'n perspektief
J B Thom                                                                                                          

Legal Restrictions on Freedom of Speech on Old Athenian Comedy
by J M Els                                                                                                              18

Sale of Land by Public Auction
by B S Koyana                                                                                                      27

Public Lecture
Aspects of the Judicial Office"
by G P C Kotzé                                                                                                      35


Reflections on the Swaziland "Bill of Rights"
by I M Rautenbach                                                                                               44

Sec. 28 (1)(c):  Counterclaim a Proceeding Incidental?"
by P van der Bank                                                                                                 50


Gower: Independent Africa - the Challenge to the Legal Profession
by F A de Villiers                                                                                                  55

Janssen van Raay:  The Legal Position of the Professional Football
Player - a Comparative Study
by P J Malan                                                                                                          63

Olivier:  Die privaatreg van die Suid-Afrikaanse Bantoe"
by G Seymour Wood                                                                                            65

De Vries:  De dood van Jezus van Nazareth in het licht van geschie-
denis en rechtspraak"

by F A de Villiers                                                                                                   75

Ter Heide: Kort begrip van Romeins recht"
by W de Haan                                                                                                        82


1969 Vol 5



On the Ancestry of the Private Law of South Africa
D Pont                                                                                                               

One More Peep behind the Corporate Veil?
by G Seymore Wood                                                                                             30

Public Lecture
Conveyancing and Deeds Registration: The Neglected Law Subject"
by R M Jones                                                                                                          39


Ulricus Huber (1636-1694)
by T L Matandela                                                                                                   56

Some Aspects of Defamation"
by W J Louw                                                                                                             61

Aquae et igni interdictio en capitis deminutio media"
by H A Wessels                                                                                                       68


Holmes v. North Western Motors (Upington) (Pty.) Ltd., 1968 (4)
S.A 198 (C)

by F A de Villiers                                                                                                    70

Underwater Construction and Salvage Co. (Pty.) Ltd. v. Bell, 1968 (4)
S.A. 190 (C)"

by I M Mdlulwa                                                                                                         76


Kerr: The Law of Lease"
by F A de Villiers and W de Haan                                                                        81


1970 Vol 6



Oor juridiese tydsberekening in derdepartyversekeringsgewysdes
F A de Villiers                                                                                                  

Die droster se verdiende loon?
by J Labuschagne                                                                                               48

Suidwes-Afrika: 'n dominium van die Republiek?"
by F Venter                                                                                                           70


1971-2 Vol 7



The Transplantation of the Roman Dutch Law onto South Africa
D Pont                                                                                                               

The Ticklish Problem of the "Wits Student"
by M L Lupton                                                                                                       18

Capital Punishment: A Retentionist's Views"
by L Roeleveld                                                                                                     25

Bantu Civil Courts in South Africa
by E J H Yates                                                                                                     42

The Ixhiba and Isizinda House in Bantu Law"
by K J Renene                                                                                                      47

Xhosa and Fingo Fines for Seduction followed by Pregnancy"
by C P Noah                                                                                                          53


1973 Vol 8



Section 29(1) of the General Law Amendment Act, No. 101 of 1969
and the Law as it was on the 30th May, 1961.

Prof J B Thom                                                                                                 

Criminal Intent
by Prof E Burchell                                                                                                18

Die Handeling by die Misdaad Roof"
by Prof J M T Labuschagne                                                                                25

Some Aspects of Malicious Prosecution, Wrongful Arrest and the
Right of Privacy

by M L Lupton                                                                                                      42

The Withering of the Rule of Law"
by F Venter                                                                                                            47

Faculty News 1973                                                                                             53


1974 Vol 9



The Legal Significance of the Ubulunga Beast
D S Koyana                                                                                                     

Aanhouding Sonder Verhoor Ingevolge Veiligheidswetgewing
by P de Pontes                                                                                                     17

Enkele Strafregtelike Aspekte van Ontug met Jeugdige Meisies"
by J Labuschagne                                                                                                40

Oenological Nomenclature
by A H van Wyk                                                                                                   61

The Purpose of Criminal Law and the Criminal Sanction - A Few

by D W Morkel                                                                                                      72

The Construction of a Law Curriculum - with reference  to a University
for Blacks

M L Lupton                                                                                                        

Consent to African Marriages
by D K Nkadimeng                                                                                                84

Some Cases on Sentence"
by J R du Plessis                                                                                                   91


1975 Vol 10



Tradition, Modernization and the Transkei Constitution
J Labuschagne                                                                                                 

Aspekte in van Laster die Bantoereg
by J Labuschagne                                                                                                  21

The Insolvency of the Hire Purchase Seller"
by J R du Plessis                                                                                                  36

Die Regsaard van die Openbare Diensverhouding
by J Labuschagne                                                                                                 45

Delictual Liability for Seduction in South African Law"
by Neville Cloete                                                                                                   84


1982 Vol 11



Regsaard van die Openbare Diensverhouding
J Labuschagne                                                                                               

Guilty, What Now?
by J R du Plessis                                                                                                37

Traditional and Modern Law of Proceedure and Evidence of the Cape
Nguni - A Re-appraisal"

by R B Mqeke                                                                                                      46

Community or ANC?.....  That is the Question
by M J Lowe                                                                                                         57

The Creation of a Locus Religiosus in Roman Law"
by Neville Cloete                                                                                                   65


Rage Reaction:  A variation on the Theme of Provocation
by J R du Plessis                                                                                                74

Negligent Misstatement in Contract"
by M J Lowe                                                                                                         79

The Evidential Value of an Accused's Statements in Instances
where a Plea of Not Guilty has been recorded

by J R Midgley                                                                                                      83

The Element of Wrongfulness in a Trade Boycott
by J Pienaar                                                                                                          90

by J H Hilton                                                                                                          95


1983 Vol 12



The Interaction of Customary Law and Received Western Law and
Legislation in the Field of Assault

D S Koyana                                                                                                  

Internal Conflict of Laws in South Africa, Transkei and Ciskei
by R B Mqeke                                                                                                    21

Claims by South African Customary Union Widows and Foreign
Widows  of Similar Unions in respect of Loss of Support on the Death
of their Husbands"

by A J Kerr                                                                                                          37

Wagers - are Natural Obligations created?
by J R Midgley                                                                                                    45

The Protection of Human Rights: Reality or Myth?"
by P L Volpe                                                                                                        57


The Fault Principle - alive and kicking in the divorce Act
by J R Midgley                                                                                                    64

Kompensasie aan die Slagoffer van Misdaad"
by H F Snyman                                                                                                   72

The Share Premium Account Revisited
by T M Jordan                                                                                                      81

Has it become necessary to consider the Negligent Actio Libera
in Causa seriously?

by J R du Plessis                                                                                                 84

Vergoedingsbevele: Resente Ontwikkelings in Bophuthatswana
by A W G Raath                                                                                                   88

The Nature of the Claim for Pain and Suffering: Cents and Sentiments"
by A J Pienaar                                                                                                      93

Section 115: Silencing the court?
by S A Manning                                                                                                   99

The Uncut Kind
by J R Midgley                                                                                                    103


1984 Vol 13



Legal Dualism in Lesotho, Botswana and Swaziland
A J G M Sanders                                                                                         

Sanctity of Contract: Wisdom of folly?
by P L Volpe                                                                                                      16

Reform of land tenure in the Ciskei: A synopsis and evaluation
of the report of the Swart Commision
by R B Mqeke                                                                                                     29

The effect of the cohabitation relationship on divorce proceedings
by J R Midgley                                                                                                    43

Should we abolish the rule against hearsay?"
by A P Paizes                                                                                                      63

The new legal status of Zulu women and traditional institutions"
by C R M Dlamin                                                                                                74


Terminating contracts of unspecified duration
by P L Volpe                                                                                                        91

Traditional burial, "ukuncindisa" and mourning ceremonies of the Zulus"
by A E B Dhlodhlo                                                                                              96

The onus of proof in cases of unlawful arrest
by B S C Martin                                                                                                  101

Review: KHUMALO, The Civil Practice of all Courts for Blacks in
Southern Africa (Third Edition) (Juta & Co., Price R63.00)

by R B Mqeke                                                                                                     112


1985 Vol 14



Whither Lay Justice in South Africa?
C R M Dlamini                                                                                            

Regsakkulturasie, die Lobolo-Kontrak en 'n Gemeenregtelike

by J M T Labuschagne                                                                                    12

The Distinct Realms:  Voet's De Statutis"
by N Cloete                                                                                                     43

Law making during the Principate: Revolution in perspective
by A St. Q Skeen                                                                                            55

Welke Begraafplaas? - Die Kanonieke aanwysingsreg"
by N Cloete                                                                                                     66


Disrespect to a Chief - A matter of National Security?
by R B Mqeke                                                                                                 79

The Matrimonial Property Act 1984: First Impressions"
by P L Volpe                                                                                                    84

Application of the Maxim "Omnia Praesumuntur Rite Esse Acta"
in African Customary Law

by R B Mqeke                                                                                                 90

Some Aspects of Consent to Injury"
by S K Parmanand                                                                                          95

S. v Kwinana
by R B Mqeke                                                                                                  99


1986 Vol 15  



A Comparative Synopsis of the Internal Conflict Rules in Botswana,
Lesotho and Swaziland

by A
J G M Sanders                                                                                     

Die Ius Inferendi: 'n Scaevoliaanse Anakronisme
by N Cloete                                                                                                    20

Notice of Applications for Provisional Sequestration"
by P A du Plessis and H M P Visser                                                            76


Another look at S5 of the Divorce Act, 1979
by P L Volpe                                                                                                  101

The Envolving Duties of Company Directors"
by P L Volpe                                                                                                  108


2002 Vol 16 (1) - June



“Customary law at the beginning of the twenty-first century: More
 systems of law than one in a single court structure”

by AJ Kerr                                                                                                     

“The clash between customary caw and universal human rights”
by CRM Dlamini                                                                                            26

“Legal pluralism and family Law in the new constitutional dispensation
by RB Mqeke                                                                                                47

“The impact of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa on
certain selected aspects of customary law of succession”
by Matshilane Mokotong                                                                              58

“Culture and the South African Constitution: An overview
by Obeng Mireku                                                                                          91

“The grave of a family member: A family asset in some communities”
by AEB Dhlodhlo                                                                                         116

“Reasoning the wording of property rights in the Constitution of South
Africa: Perspectives and predicaments”
by Khunou Samuelson Freddie                                                                  123

“Chieftanship and headmanship are not hereditary”
by DS Koyana                                                                                             144


2002 Vol 16 (2) - December



“Law teaching as a vocation”
by William Twining                                                                                      

“Administrative justice and women’s rights”
by Clive Plasket                                                                                           181

“Standing to challenge governmental acts: Current case law from
South Africa’s constitutional experiment”
by Chuks Okpaluba                                                                                     208

“The place of customary law in the general law of South Africa”
by DD Ndima                                                                                                233

“Administration of justice by traditional leaders in post-apartheid South
by JC Bekker                                                                                                240

“A false start: Evaluating spousal immigration into South Africa against
an Australian backdrop”
by E Odhambio-Abuya                                                                                248

“Examples of judicial supervision in the integration process in the
European Union: Lessons for Africa?”
by  Joaquim de Gama                                                                                 268

“Prosecuting crime in the South African Constitutional state”
by AM Anderson                                                                                          281


 “State liability for wasted costs in criminal matters: S v Campos
by DJL Kotzé                                                                                                286

“The scope of interested parties’ rights to procedural fairness in the
enforcement of South African anti-dumping law: Board on Tariffs

and Trade and others v Brenco Inc and others

by Patrick C Osode                                                                                      290

“Validity of polygamous marriages and jurisdiction to supervise the estate
of deceased blacks: Nkonki v Nkonki
by Gugu Nkosi                                                                                              301

“A note on the practical implications of the Walters decision”
by Stephen de la Harpe and Tharien van der Walt                                      304

“Judicial restraint and the enforcement of socio-economic rights in the
Constitutional Court”
by Dieter Welz                                                                                              313


SJ Cornelius Principles of the Interpretation of Contracts in South Africa
by Derrick B Ross                                                                                        318


2003 Vol 17  (1) - June



“Enforcing judgments against the state”
by Clive Plasket                                                                                           

“Indigenous land rights in South Africa and Australia: A case comparison
by John Oxland                                                                                            14

“Reclaiming the heritage of freedom: A legal/historical perspective”
by Richman Mqeke                                                                                     24

“Constitutionalisation of standing in South African public adjudication:
Some sundry issues”
by Chuks Okpaluba                                                                                     31

“Credit with a conscience: Liability of banks for complicity in human
rights violations”
by Shaun D Browne and Vincent O Nmehielle                                            57

“Corporate theories and their implications for the structure, form,
and operations of public enterprises in Lesotho”
by Wanyama Kulundu-Bitonye                                                                    76

“The influence of European Community Law on civil law with special
regard to the actual civil law reform in Germany”
by Gerhard Ring                                                                                          100

“Traditional authorities as organs of state”
by JC Bekker                                                                                               121


“The role of justice and equity in the determination of African burial
disputes particularly where the deceased was a polygamist:
A comment on Thembisile and another v Thembisile and another
by Richman Mqeke                                                                                     125

“Bail appeals from the High Court and related procedures: S v Viljoen
by DJL Kotzé                                                                                               129

“No right to die as yet: A note on the legal findings of the European
Court of Human Rights on euthanasia and assisted suicide”
by Dieter Welz                                                                                             131

“A tribute to the Honourable Mr Justice Plasket on his appointment to
the bench”
by Richman Mqeke                                                                                     141

2003 Vol 17  (2) - December



“Justiciability, constitutional adjudication and the law-making process:
A Commonwealth reflection (1)”
by Chuks Okpaluba                                                                                     146 

“Regulation of genetically modified foods: The American experience”
by Joaquim de Gama                                                                                  170 

“Primogeniture and illegitimacy in African customary law: The battle for
survival of culture”
by Jelili A Omotola                                                                                       181 

“Making sense of ‘arbitrariness’ in the constitutional property clause”
by Kevin Hopkins                                                                                         204 

“The treatment of foreign polygamous marriages in private international
by John Kiggundu                                                                                        214 

“Freedom of association in contemporary International and South
African labour law”
by Mpfariseni Budeli                                                                                    229 

“Origin and Development of the domain name system in South Africa”
by Pasno N Nyachowe                                                                                252 

“Disclosure of sexual history evidence in the wake of S v M
by Tumo Charles Maloka                                                                            264


“Minimum sentences – what constitutes substantial and compelling
circumstances: S v Kgafela
by DJL Kotzé                                                                                                287

“Transferable ‘Not Transferable’ cheques again”
by David Matlala                                                                                          293 

“Presentation of evidence in criminal trials through the use of
intermediaries: S v Majalati
by DJL Kotzé and NM Gardener                                                                299


2004 Vol 18  (1) - June



“Selected themes from Plato’s Laws and Aristotle’s Ethics and
and their bearing on the South African Constitution”
by Derrick B Ross                                                                                        1 

“African family law and statutory developments affecting the legal rights
of women in the new South Africa”
by Richman Mqeke                                                                                     26 

“Inheemse erfopvolgingsreg: Opvolging in leierskapsposisies”
by Elmarie Knoetze                                                                                     36 

“Justiciability, constitutional adjudication and the law-making process:
A Commonwealth reflection (2)”
by Chuks Okpaluba                                                                                     57 

“The South African Law Commission’s Report on Unreasonable
Stipulations in Contracts and its potential effect on procedural
unfairness in the common law”
by Graham Glover                                                                                        79 

“Gender differentiation within religious communities”
by Rolien Roos                                                                                             96 

“The new Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act: A critical
by Patrick C Osode                                                                                      107 

“The extent of justiciability of socio-economic rights of children and
the courts’ application of these rights”
by Debra Horsten and Linda Jansen van Resnburg                                  121


“A note on some aspects of prospective damage and factual causation”
by PJ Visser                                                                                                  137 

“Sexual harassment as a form of unfair discrimination: Ntsabo v
Real Security

by Liezel Ristow and Avinash Govindjee                                                     146 

“Outcome based balancing: Euthanasia in the context of separation
surgery on conjoined twins”
by Dieter Welz                                                                                              153 

“Ministerial interface in the regulation of the private security industry”
by PJ Visser                                                                                                 162


2004 Vol 18  (2) - December



“The preferential right of the Local Government or the Body Corporate
above that of the mortgage boldholder during insolvency proceedings”
by Michelle Kelly-Louw                                                                               168 

“Voorstelle ter hervorming van die inheemse erfopvolgingsreg”
by Elmarie Knoetze                                                                                     188 

“Geldigheid van regulasie 2 uitgevaardig ingevolge artikel 26 van die
Padongelukfondswet 56 van 1996”
by Loma Steynberg and Pieter Bakker                                                       211 

“Towards a characterisation of contemporary South African law in
juridico-philosophical terms: A conspectus of selected perspectives”
by Derrick B Ross                                                                                        226 

“The relationship between the environment and trade in the WTO:
Prolonging the conflict between North and South?”
by Werner Scholtz                                                                                        250 

“Making the documentary game a paperless game: A legal
perspective on electronic transport documents in the context of
international sales”
by Juana Coetzee                                                                                        266 

“The Land Bank’s decision whether or not to join in the insolvency
by Michelle Kelly-Louw                                                                                 281


“Africa confronts cybercrime”
by Caroline B Ncube                                                                                   312 

“Legal pluralism in the Eastern Cape from a historical and contemporary
by Richman Mqeke                                                                                     318 

“The extent of recognition of customs in indigenous law of marriage:
Mabuza v Mbatha

by Gugulethu Mbatha                                                                                  325 

“Sexual harassment and employer vicarious liability: Grobler v
Naspers Bpk en Samuels

by Patrick Osode and Lonias Ndlovu                                                         330


2005 Vol 19  (1) - June



“Enlarged legal theory and the philosophy of delinquency: Upgrading
Walter Cade Reckless in integral terms, and practical implications”
by Derrick B Ross                                                                                        1

“Restorative justice, the African philosophy of ubuntu and the diversion
of criminal prosecution”
by AM Anderson                                                                                          26

“The International Criminal Court: Defining Core Crimes”
by Lirieka Meintjes-van der Walt                                                                 39

“The link between Corporate Law and Corporate Governance”
by Eddie Maluleke                                                                                       63

“Genetically Modified Organisms: A survey of the position in the
European Union”
by MM de Gama                                                                                         78

“Corporate social responsibility”
by Stella Vettori                                                                                           89


“Permanent Residents and Eligibility for Social Grants: Khosa v
Minister of Social Development; Mahlaule v Minister of Social

by Avinash Govindjee and Liezel Ristow                                    

“The Legal Regulation of Identity Theft in South Africa”
by Caroline B Ncube                                                                                  119

“Notes on some aspects and implications of the use of private security
businesses to render guarding services to the South African Police”
by PJ Visser                                                                                              124


2005 Vol 19  (2) - December



“Legal pluralism in South Africa: The resilience of Transkei’s separate
legal status in the field of private law”
by DS Koyana                                                                                               131  

“Rights-based Theory, Postmodernism, and the Challenge of Juridical
by Kemi Odujirin                                                                                           143 

“Defending the constitutionality of the Land Bank’s exclusion from the
insolvency legislation”
by Michelle Kelly-Louw                                                                                 164 

“The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Law of Succession (1)”
by AJ Kerr                                                                                                     181 

“Gender discrimination in South African jurisprudence: an exercise in
by Irma J Kroeze                                                                                          202 

“The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s concept of restorative justice,
, forgiveness and reconciliation”
by Melodie Slabbert                                                                                     214




“Nolle prosequi! Corruption in the political sphere and the decision not
to prosecute: a note on the Arms Deal matter”
by Dieter Welz                                                                                               223 

“The appointment of an unqualified person as a temporary magistrate
in terms of section 9(3) of the Magistrates’ Courts Act 32 of 1944:
Piedt v The State

by Morné Olivier                                                                                            233 

“Research and publishing at Rhodes”
by AJ Kerr                                                                                                      244 

“Punching beyond its weight: the first hundred years of Rhodes
University’s Law Faculty”
by JR Midgley                                                                                                247


2006 Vol 20  (1) - April



“The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Law of Succession (2)”
by AJ Kerr                                                                                                     

“Duress and enrichment claims: A review article”
by Graham Glover                                                                                        17 

“The inclusion of trade measures in MEAs: Necessary evil or dues ex
by Werner Scholtz                                                                                        36 

“Comparative method: Comparing legal systems and/or legal cultures?
by Lirieka Meintjes-van der Walt                                                                 51 

“Ownership most foul: The Achilles heel of anti-money laundering
by IL van Jaarsveld                                                                                      65 

“Childhood sexual abuse narratives: Taking their place in a long line of
‘gendered harms’ and ‘mirrored silence’”
by Tumo Charles Maloka                                                                            78


“Westernization or promotion of African women’s rights”
by Elmarie Knoetze                                                                                     105 

“Notes on the intended reform of the law relating to public school fees”
by PJ Visser                                                                                                112 

“Free Speech, participation and deliberation at municipal council level:
Swartbooi v Brink (2)
2003 5 BCLR 502 (CC)”
by Chuks Okpaluba                                                                                     118

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