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1. LLB (Bachelor of Laws)                                                ^top

1.1       Undergraduate Stream (Alice and East London Campuses):
Minimum 8 semesters
1.2       Postgraduate Streams (Alice and East London Campuses):
2-6 semesters depending on the undergraduate degree held by the learner. 
1.3       Admission: In addition to the general admission requirements in terms of General Rule 2.4, a learner who wishes to register for any programme in law, may be required by Senate to:

  • submit testimonials in support of his/her application for admission; and/or
  • attend an interview and/or
  • undergo an admission test.

2. The Legal Studies Programme (East London Campus )   ^top

The Legal Studies Programme is effectively a five-year stream of the LLB in that learners enter the programme with the intention of initially completing a BA, BSocSc or BCom degree with one of the majors being legal Studies. During the three years of study leading to either one of the said degrees, learners complete the first two years of the four-year LLB curriculum (set out below). Thereafter, the learner will be eligible to complete the LLB following the (minimum) two-year curriculum also set out below). 

3. LLM (Master of Laws)(Alice, East London Campuses)     ^top

3.1   Admission Requirements: LLB or B Proc, or any qualification recognized by Senate as the equivalent to these qualifications.
3.2       Assessment:
3.2.1    A dissertation on an approved topic;
3.2.2    External evaluation of the dissertation.

4. Masters in Human Rights (MA Human Rights)                    ^top 
    (Alice Campus Only)

4.1      Admission requirements: An appropriate first degree or postgraduate qualification;
            Evidence of ability to successfully complete the programme.
4.2      Assessment: Continuous assessment through assignments and essays, presentation of case studies, participation on work seminars, submission of portfolio and reports, supervision and monitoring, and dissertation.  Summative assessment through 3-hour examination (where necessary).
4.3       Module content:
4.3.1    Core modules:     MHR 711: Human Rights Theory and Practice
                                      MHR 713: Human Rights Research Methods
                                      MHR 714: Human Rights Contemporary Issues
                                      MHR 722: Human Rights Internship
                                      MHR 733: Dissertation

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