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ACADEMIC PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT STAFF                                

Dean: School of Law

Professor Obeng Mireku



  1. Professor Obeng Mireku (Executive Dean of Law)
    Qualifications (Academic and Professional): Dr.Jur. LLM LLB (Hons)
    Teaching Responsibilities:
    Other Responsibilities:
    Research Interests:
    Constitutional Law, Comparative Law, Legal Education and Management, Human Rights Law, Customary Law, Administrative Law, Jurisprudence
    Contact Details: Tel: 043 704 7520   Email: omireku@ufh.ac.za
  2. Professor Patrick C Osode
    Qualifications (Academic and Professional):
    Teaching Responsibilities: Law of Business Entities, Securities Regulation, International Trade Law, Legal Research Methodology
    Other Responsibilities:
    Research Interests:
    Corporate Law, International Trade Law, Government Liability, Public Procurement
    Contact Details: Tel: 043 704 7527  Email:posode@ufh.ac.za
  3. Professor NS Rembe
    Qualifications (Academic and Professional):
    LLB (Hons); LLM; PhD
    Teaching Responsibilities: Human Rights Law, Public International Law
    Other Responsibilities: Oliver Tambo Chair of Human Rights
    Research Interests: Human Rights Law
    Contact Details: Tel: 040 602 2217  Email: nsrembe@ufh.ac.za

Senior Lecturers:

  1. Actor Katurura
    Qualifications (Academic and Professional):
    B Juris; LLB; LLM; PGDHET
    Teaching Responsibilities: African Customary Law, Legal Research Methodology, Administrative Law
    Other Responsibilities: HOD - Private Law
    Research Interests: Environmental Law, Customary Law, Jurisprudence
    Contact Details: Tel: 043 704 7523 Email: akaturura@ufh.ac.za
  2. Dr Nombulelo Lubisi
    Qualifications (Academic and Professional):
    LLD LLM, LLB, BJuris
    Teaching Responsibilities: Advanced Constitutional Law, Advanced Administrative Law, Labour Law, Social Security Law
    Other Responsibilities:
    Research Interests:
    Human Rights, Labour Law, Socal Security Law
    Contact Details: Tel:043 704 7525 Email:nlubisi@ufh.ac.za
  3. Mr Jacques D Mahler-Coetzee
    Qualifications (Academic and Professional):
    BA HONS; LLB; LLM; PGDHET (cum laude); Admitted Attorney
    Teaching Responsibilities: Medical Jurisprudence, Law of Delict, Law of Persons & the Family, Commercial Law 2
    Other Responsibilities:
    Instructor LSSA School for Legal Practice, East London
    Project Leader (UFH), CHED/CITL Large Classes Project
    Research Interests: Legal Pedagogy, Medical law & Ethics, Marine & Coastal Heritage and Culture, Environmental law
    Contact Details: Tel: 043 7047520   Email:jmahler@ufh.ac.za
  4. Mr Tumo Charles Maloka
    Qualifications (Academic and Professional):
    B.A; LL.B; LL.M
    Teaching Responsibilities: Foundation  Programme - Introduction to Law, LL.B: Introduction to Law, Contract: General Principles and Specific Contracts SALGA Programme
    Other Responsibilities:
    Research Interests:
    Labour Law, Criminal Law
    Contact Details: Tel: 043 704 7529 Email: tmaloka@ufh.ac.za
  1. Mr Kholo Obose
    Qualifications (Academic and Professional):
    B.Proc; LLM; LLM; Admitted Attorney
    Teaching Responsibilities:Civil Procedure, Administration of Estates, Commercial Law
    Other Responsibilities:
    Research Interests:
    Competition Law, Estate Planning, Tax Law
    Contact Details: Tel: 043 704 7526  Email: kobose@ufh.ac.za
  2. Mr Stephen Theal Stewart
    Qualifications (Academic and Professional):
    BA; LLB; Advocate of the High Court of SA
    Teaching Responsibilities: Labour Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Commercial Law
    Other Responsibilities: Timetable Committee, Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Awards Committee Member
    Research Interests: Law of insurance, Conflict of Laws, Customary Law
    Contact Details: Tel: 040 602 2215 Email:sstewart@ufh.ac.za
  3. Mr Arthur van Coller
    Qualifications (Academic and Professional):
    BA (Law); LLB; LLM; DMS; HDipTax; PGDHET; Admitted Attorney
    Teaching Responsibilities: Constitutional Law, Human Rights, Public International Law, Tax Law
    Other Responsibilities: HOD: Public Law, Faculty Website, Student Retention,  Instructor LSSA School for Legal PracticeResearch Interests: Animal Rights, Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law, Tax Law
    Contact Details: Tel: 043 704 7534 Email: avancoller@ufh.ac.za


  1. Mr Simphiwe S Bidie
    Qualifications (Academic and Professional):LLB; LLM; (UFH) Diploma in Financial Management (Dip. AIBM. (Fin) [BMTCSA]
    Teaching Responsibilities:Commercial Law,Social Security Law
    Other Responsibilities:
    Research Interests:Commercial Law, Company Law, International Trade Law, Constitutional Law
    Contact Details: Tel: 040 2462 / 2236 Email: sbidie@ufh.ac.za
  2. Mr Manfred G Chinamasa
    Qualifications (Academic and Professional):B.Proc; LLB (UFH); LLM (Human Rights & Democratisation in Africa (UP); Admitted Attorney
    Teaching Responsibilities: Criminal Procedure, Legal and Numeracy Skills
    Other Responsibilities:
    Research Interests:Human Rights
    Contact Details: Tel: 043 704 7533  Email: MChinamasa@ufh.ac.za
  3. Ms Pumza Mnonopi 
    Qualifications (Academic and Professional):BJuris; LLB; Advocate of the High Court
    Teaching Responsibilities: Law of Persons and Family, Introduction to Law
    Other Responsibilities: Land Reform Issues, Constitutional Law
    Research Interests:
    Contact Details:  Tel 040 602 2304  Email: pmnonoi@ufh.ac.za
  4. Ms Wendy Moeketse
    Qualifications (Academic and Professional): LLB; LLM; Advocate of the High Court of South Africa
    Teaching Responsibilities: Law of Evidence, African Customary Law, Family Law
    Other Responsibilities: Disciplinary Hearings
    Research Interests:Children's Rights
    Contact Details: Tel: 043 704 7524  Email: wmoeketse@ufh.ac.za
  5. Mr Masibonge Ngaba
    Qualifications (Academic and Professional):LLB
    Teaching Responsibilities: Criminal Law, Foundation: Law of Persons
    Other Responsibilities: Co-ordination of SALGA Project, Capacity Building Project for Councellors 
    Research Interests: Local Government, Criminal Law
    Contact Details: Tel: 043 704 7528 Email:mngaba@ufh.ac.za

Junior Lecturers:
Lubisi-Nkoane, N (Ms.), B Juris, LLB (Fort Hare)
Ndlovu, L (Mr.), LLB (Fort Hare)
Ngaba, M (Mr.), LLB (Fort Hare)

Full-Time Tutor:
Spayile, Q (Mrs.), B Proc, LLB, LLM (Fort Hare)

Unesco/Oliver Tambo Chair of Human Rights:
Director: Professor NS Rembe, LL.B (Hons); LLM (Dar es Salaam); PhD (Wales).

Legal Aid Clinic:
Director: Ms V. Masiza: B Proc, LL.B, Certificate in Legal Practice, Certificate in Project Management, Diploma in Counseling of Domestic Violence Victims,  Attorney of the High Court of South Africa


Meintjes-van der Walt, L (Prof.), B Juris, LLB (UPE); LLM (Rhodes); LLD (Leiden) – Adjunct Professor
Goldberg, J (Mr.), B Com, LLB (UPE); MBA (Stell) – UFH Teaching Fellow


Tamara Fali – Secretary (Alice)
040 602 2236

Khunjuzwa Mkiva - Faculty Manager
043 704 7521

Pumeza Zinto – Assistant Faculty Manager
043 704 7530

Mninawa Nhanha - Senior Administrator (East London)
043 704 6539

Barbara Opperman (PA to the Executive Dean of Law)
043 704 7520

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